Back To Basics

by LiE

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We 're not gonna LiE. We 're the next big thing.
Give us the chance to prove it.


released April 1, 2015

George Garvin - Vocals, Guitars
John Fogg - Bass
George K. - Drums

Produced by George Xanthinakis and LiE
Mixed & Engineered by George Xanthinakis
Recorded at D Studio, MD Studio and Digilogue Studio

Artwork by Morgan Bailey
Band Photo by George Xanthinakis

Music & Lyrics by George Garvin
Arranged by LiE



all rights reserved


LiE Athens, Greece

LiE were formed in 2009 in Athens. Their music combines alternative rock/ post grunge and indie tunes. They have performed in many well-known festivals and music stages, getting noted for their music and firm sound. "Back to Basics" is the debut album and we 'd love you to hear it. ... more

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Track Name: Never Ask Why
Don't wanna be mean
But this feeling is all I have right now
Don't wanna be rude
But there's no other way to forgive you
Inside my poor head
Is only words and promises you never kept
I want you to call my name
And regret for all your lying

You want me to go
You want me stay here
I won't try to find out how you feel
You want me to hide
Away from your side
Just tell me something and I'll never ask why

Don't wanna be superficial
I used to be and now there's the payback
I should have known you better
If I did I wouldn't give a damn
So what d' you learn now
That we always have a second chance
You lost the chance
You lost the chance
You fuckin' lost it
Track Name: Time To Shout
My town is on fire
And those that caused it
Are trying to find the reason why
People 're desperate on the road
And I wanna know; I wanna know
I wanna know what led us here

When others have decided
Who you're supposed to be
And the only truth is money
Don't give up
I won't give up too
Take the chance to live
And remember it's time for you to shout

On the other side
TV is a good way to manage and control
We 're inspired by bullshit
I wanna know, I wanna know
I wanna know what happened to our dreams
Track Name: Tomorrow
Pictures of past and winter outside
It's difficult to erase all these
Our feelings unnamed, our words so empty
Cold's taking away all our life till now

It's time for tomorrow
It's time for something new
Leave all the times behind we must get through
Get prepared for tomorrow

Don't look back, it's too late for that
Never expect the truth to come
Just get out from your tomb of misery
And live the day that is about to come

Tomorrow is the guide will drive us to life
The ticket is here, it costs just a hope
Track Name: Chance
Don't want you feel betrayed
But what I did cannot be faded away
In your decision now I obey
Cause you know I was afraid
That you would never say
Those three words I heard
Now for me it's late

I should have known
That everything's alright
Believe in you
And stay by your side every night
There's nothing I wouldn't do
To prove you that I'm true this time
Just gimme one more chance

Don't feel sorry for me
Cause maybe I don't deserve you
I'm sure you 'd never call me
To hear something I already know
Sometimes I become a fool
I'm not so strong to handle my mind
I didn't see that you're a girl so hard to find

I can't change the clocks back
I can't change my luck
I can't breathe when you're not holding me
You can be mad at me
You can blame me
I will never fight back again
Track Name: Nothing Left To Say
You came like an arrow in my brain
And you said you'll be there at any time
But all seemed too good to be true
You couldn't be my heroine and make everything fine

Is it just a lie to me
I will never believe in what I see
Come and tell me that you never loved me
Don't pretend that it's ok
You got nothing left to say
So I'm breaking all the rules you create

You are like a minute from infinity
And you swored that that time will be with us
But now I guess you changed your mind
And leave behind
All the things that we've been through
And just keep on running away

Don't believe in what you say
Track Name: Right Thing
You see how this damn world is knocking at your door
The more in them you give in, the higher you get
Beliefs and dreams seem fainted and old
And priceless moments can be sold
Feeling that our life is like a day without tomorrow

Do you think you win it all
Without getting on your knees
Crying, living or dying
To do the right thing
Do you think going with the flow
Is enough to change the row
Fire, ashes and trying
To do the right thing

You know you have few words to describe
What the hell is going on
But it's time to understand that the enemies are more
Buildin' minds one by one
We have the strength to reach the top
But then be careful because
Sometimes your brothers can be your murders

Deal with your nightmares
Get out from the darkness
In which you’ve learned to live
With gun your rights
Turn on the lights
It’s always better
Is it time to do the right thing?
Is it time to do the right thing?
Track Name: Unbelievable
It's been so long I can't forget
How did I lose this fucking bet
But we 're both losers for different reasons
I wish I had the words to fight
Nothing to say but it's alright
I wonder why I keep on trying
To fix this whole thing now

It's something unbelievable
You're always on my mind
It's something unbelievable
But soon you'll be mine

There was a time I had no doubt
We were not fooling around
And you were my bitch but I was your sucker
I was convinced that we had something
You acted as if we had nothing
Help me now I'm burning brightless
You're so kindless

Oh oh, yeah yeah
Won't you turn the page and leave me behind
Oh oh, yeah yeah
Is it so hard or you just lie?
Track Name: Truth
Take a look of the outside world
Sitting behind my window
There is nothing I can do
Through all these anxious people
A rain of countless drops are their tears
The pain is so big
Well the pain is so big

When all these feelings will be erased?
When all this sadness will be faint?
I'm looking forward to an answer
I'm looking forward to the truth

Take a look of the city I live
Walking down the streets
Now they just wear masks
To cover the lie and play their roles
The routine and lifestyle are their silent enemies
Their silent enemies
Track Name: Bring You Back
There’s a broken smile behind
Your last goodbye today
How could I die in your thoughts?
Living without you is like hell
Without your passion I’m nothing
Keep that in mind and you’ll see
What I can do

With arms wide open
Hearts beating again

But now you’re away from the dream of us
Never closed my eyes since then
As long as I could I tried to bring you back
The closer I am, the further you are
It’s something I can’t really explain
You ’re playing with my mind
You win me every time
But Nevermind

We didn’t know if we were one
And our steps were going nowhere
Feelings now have no name
What we lived had really no more
It’s not our fault my baby
And calling you just to hear your voice
It’s a childish game

With minds filled with desire
No one can resist
Track Name: Broken
In a misery room
Full of vanity and smoke
My mind is clearly unclear
About you and your heart
I look myself in the mirror
I will fight even if I lose

Broken and lonely
I will find the strength to tell you
What I’ve always wanted
I won’t see the morning glory
Tomorrow will find me in a journey
If you say no

I walk in the darkness
You never wanted me to trust my senses
Bittersweet is the taste
And a black celebration in my eyes